About Clean Energy Group


The central aim of the , which entered into force in November 2016, is to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change and to pursue efforts to limit the average global temperature increase to BetMGM login app1.5 degrees Celsius. Clean Energy Group is contributing to the step change required for a more sustainable world through excellence in renewable energy project planning, delivery and asset operations.

In 2015, renewable energy for the first time accounted BetMGM login appfor more than half of all new electricity-generating capacity globally, according to the International Energy Agency (EIA). In its main scenario, the EIA expects a 30% rise in global electricity demand to 2040, with renewables taking the lion’s share of the growth.

Clean Energy Group has been set up to develop renewable energy projects in countries with a sustainable energy framework and untapped potential. We work together towards a common vision, with small and efficient teams able to deliver BetMGMcomplex infrastructure projects.

We develop projects to yield healthy financial returns and a positive impact, including on such aspects as the environment, social matters and government revenue support. We view project development as BetMGM Loginan opportunity to improve the livelihood of communities affected by the project development.